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Protein Rich, Vegetarian Summer Salad Recipe

May 29, 2017   The W10 Team

Delicious vegetarian summer salad

A light and delicious salad that takes no time to whip up. High in protein but meat free, swap the chicken caesar salad for something a little more interesting and nutritious.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

1 large cucumber
2 eggs
Teaspoon of sesame seed oil
handful of pine nuts
teaspoon of tahini


Spiralise the cucumber and mix in the sesame seed oil and tahini, separate in half into two bowls.

Poach both eggs (better if the yolk is still a little runny)

Add an egg on top of each bowl of cucumber and dressing, and sprinkle the pine nuts on top.

Add black pepper to season.


Enjoy this, check out more recipes or download our nutritious recipe ebooks for free.

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