• Is W10 the right gym for you?

    By The W10 Team

    We often get asked why W10 is different to other gyms.

    Our intention is not to blow our own trumpet here or to rubbish other gyms, that’s not how we roll, but we do want to offer a little insight in to what we do.

    You can decide for yourself if it sounds “different” to the norm or what you’re used to.

    First of all, W10 was born because we genuinely believed that people were getting short-changed by their gym experience. We didn’t enjoy going to a regular high-street gym ourselves, so why would anyone else want to?

    Our goal was to create a gym that brought fitness to life. A place where people came to get the results that they wanted, whilst actually enjoying their workouts.

    Oversized rooms of useless equipment were replaced by space.

    Young and unmotivated staff were replaced with experienced coaching teams.

    The pay and stay away approach was replaced by a community driven model.

    Rules and regulations were replaced by customer-centric and service-driven ideals.

    Muscle men in stringed vests and scantily clad women posing in the mirrors were replaced by good eggs, just regular folk looking to get in better shape.

    Mirrors were replaced by equipment.

    But above all else…

    Our members were enjoying rather than enduring their three weekly gym visits.

    Which means that they were coming more consistently.

    Which means they were getting better results.

    We realised that we had actually created a home from home for our members and developed a culture that now keeps our average weekly visits at between two and three and our retention rate above 90%.

    Compare that to the industry average of less than one visit a week and around 30% retention, and you’ll see that the figures speak for themselves.

    We are really proud of what we have created. We aren’t saying all gyms are rubbish, there are a lot of good ones out there, but in the main, they’re not particularly inspiring places to be.

    Maintaining our unique culture is the daily mission of every one of our team and most of that is down to having similar beliefs…

    Strong is for everyone

    No matter if you want to lose weight, get fit, tone up, or run faster, we all need a foundation of strength.

    Performance before aesthetics

    We all want to look good, but it is as important that we keep our joints healthy and move well also.

    Everyone is an athlete

    People with general fitness goals should train athletically, focussing on movements rather than muscles.

    Functional training, not machines

    Our programmes consist of free weights for the most part, with machines used sparingly. They also include elements of strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility and cardiovascular training.

    No fads, gimmicks and promotional BS

    We use tried and tested programmes and approaches that get results, not what’s currently en vogue.

    Effective and enjoyable in equal measures

    Programmes should be personalised and progressive, but the gym needs to be a fun place to come.

    Fitness is inclusive

    Our members are a mix of shapes, sizes and abilities, and we meet everyone where they’re at.

    Unbeatable atmosphere

    When you train at W10, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people, so you won’t have to contend with oversized egos who think they own the place.

    We treat you like a grown up

    We don’t bark orders at you. Instead we’ll guide you through your programme so you know why you’re doing what you’re doing.

    Tailored programmes

    We don’t use cookie cutter training. We give each member a thorough evaluation and create a unique plan to suit you.

    To fully understand what’s special about W10, just listen to what some of our male and female members have to say.

    Or even better, come along, see the gym in action, meet the coaching team, speak to fellow members and try out our training programme for yourself.

    We’re not for everyone though. Some people prefer to train themselves and be left to their own devices, others get their exercise fix from running, going to dance classes or taking their kids to the park for a kick around, which is great…

    …But if this does sound like a place you’d enjoy coming to and if you’re looking to get some seriously great results, whether that be shedding a few kilo’s, improving your fitness levels or just developing healthy habits to live a happier life, then we might just be the place for you.


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Set up in 2009 by founder Jean-Claude Vacassin (a regular health and fitness contributor to the Daily Telegraph) the W10 Performance gym is located in West London at 202-208 Kensal Road, London W10 5BN. W10’s Gym memberships offer personal training, nutrition advice, yoga, boxing, HITT and other functional fitness classes. They also have physio and sports massage practitioners onsite. They are proud to offer a high level of fitness to residents and local workers in Kensal Rise, Kensal Green, Queens Park, Willesden, Kilburn, Harlesden, Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, Kensington and Westbourne Park areas.


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