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Meal Prep for Fat Loss - W10 Personal Training Gym

Meal Prep for Fat Loss


It's easier to eat nutritious food and keep within your calories when meals are made in advance. Being in control will help you reach your fat loss goals quickly.  Read our 5 meal prep tips for fat loss.   People...

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Why Our Fat Loss Programme Works and gets Results - W10 Personal Training Gym

Why Our Fat Loss Programme Works and gets Results


You won’t find glossy before and after client photos on the walls and marketing campaigns at W10, and we are far from promoting ourselves as a body transformation gym. Nevertheless, we do get excellent fat loss results. Our ethos is...

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Weight loss - what you need to know - W10 Personal Training Gym

Weight Loss – What You Need to Know


A lot of people feel like they can't achieve their weight loss goals without a personal trainer or a gym membership. You don't need a trainer or a gym to lose weight no matter how much weight it is you...

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Fat Loss - W10 Personal Training Gym

Fat Loss – The Most Important Factor


Fat loss and the dieting landscape has become a crowded one. There are many diets claiming to be the ‘best diet for fat loss’ and to get the best results. Keto, clean eating, intermittent fasting and Slimming World are just...

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Inbody scanner for results - W10 Personal Training Gym

InBody Scanner: Is It Accurate for Tracking Fat Loss Results?


Did you really just put on 6% body fat in a couple of days? Why an understanding of the InBody scanner will help you understand fluctuations in results. Here at W10 Personal Training Gym we use the InBody machine as...

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Four Simple Ways To Reduce Calories


Here are four ways you can cut calories to get in better shape.

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Cardio vs weights – which is better for fat loss?


The big debate... With so much conflicting research out there - more so for women - it’s hard to know what you’re actually supposed to be doing, fitness wise, to get in shape. Here’s a quick summary on which works...

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Calories torcher

Health and Fitness Mag Feature – Calorie Torcher


  MOUNTAIN CLIMBER This move is a great full-body exercise that hits most of the muscles in your body, making it a huge calorie burner. Great for doing on holidays or when you can’t get to the gym, it can...

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Ditch the scales

4 ways you should be measuring fat loss results


First and foremost...ditch the scales! The bathroom scales are the most popular tool that people use to monitor progress for fat loss. You could be looking better and feeling good but unless the number on the scale has dropped you’re...

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How Does Stress Interfere with Fat Loss? - W10 Personal Training Gym

How Does Stress Interfere with Fat Loss?


There is nothing more frustrating than being consistent with your nutrition and training yet not seeing the results that you had hoped for. One factor that is often overlooked in the process of getting in shape is stress and the...

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