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One to one versus small group - W10 Personal Training Gym

One to One versus Small Group Personal Training


You might have noticed more adverts appearing in the fitness world promoting small group personal training. But how does that model work? And why would you ever choose to go down that route if you have the chance to be...

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Do you really need a personal trainer? - W10 Personal Training Gym

Do I Need Personal Training To Get In Shape?


If you are thinking about getting into shape, you may be considering personal training…But are Personal Trainers really worth the investment?   If you are self-motivated and know your way around the gym, then there is an abundance of good...

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The Mental Warm Up - W10 Personal Training Gym

The Mental Warm Up


Most athletes recognise the importance of warming up. Even the casual Sunday league footballer will display a show of jogging or touching of toes before kick off in the knowledge that by doing so he will perform better and reduce...

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Should my Personal Trainer Make Me Sick - W10 Personal Training Gym

Should my Personal Trainer Make Me Sick?


It seems all too common now that people boast about their trainer working them so hard that their previous meal ends up in the loos in their gym's toilet (provided they make it that far). It also seems to give...

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W10 Standards - W10 Personal Training Gym

W10 Standards


Personal training shouldn’t be about simply making people tired, it should be about making people better. There is a time and place for a bit of anything-goes hard work, what we would call a ‘tank-emptier’, but as trainers and coaches...

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Is Your Personal Trainer More Than Just a Meathead - W10 Personal Training Gym

Is Your Personal Trainer More Than Just a Meathead?


You’ve decided it’s time to focus on your training and you recognise investing in a personal trainer could help you achieve your goals. It’s a big step and requires financial, physical and emotional commitment beyond embarking on an ad hoc...

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Choose a Coach, Not a Trainer - W10 Personal Training Gym

Choose a Coach, Not a Trainer


When it comes to personal trainers they can generally be split into two camps, you have your coaches and you have your trainers. Now, I know you might be thinking, “what’s the difference?” Well, quite simply, everything. Let me try...

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Group exercise vs. Personal training - W10 Personal Training Gym

Telegraph Feature: “Group exercise vs. Personal training”


Should we make fitness personal? The truth is, personal training can be really effective for getting into shape, particularly for people who are very new to exercise, suffering from previous injuries or for those with very specific goals, like athletes...

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How to find a good personal trainer - W10 Personal Training Gym

How to Find A Good Personal Trainer


At a time when people cite lack of time and lack of results as the top two reasons for not exercising regularly, I think the right personal trainer can be worth their weight in gold. It is understandable that many...

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The other major problem with personal training studios is that despite higher training standards they’re often very small and therefore cannot double up as a gym. - W10 Personal Training Gym

No Ordinary Personal Training Gym


Our set up is pretty unique.  Our personal training gym is amongst the best equipped you’ll find and our membership structure merges the best aspects of a top personal training studio with the facilities offered in well equipped gym - a...

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