• Do I need a gym to get in shape?

    Do I need a gym to get in shape?


    What kind of shape do you want to get into, and how do you define “shape”? These are the first questions you should be asking yourself before deciding whether or not you’ll need a gym. What is it that you actually want to do, and what do you actually enjoy doing? These are important questions […]

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  • Are you struggling to get motivated in the gym?

    Are you struggling to find the motivation to train?


    If the answer is yes, don’t worry you’re certainly not alone…! The end of August, leading up to September can be a lot like the lead up to January for most people. We’ve all had a few too many sangria’s and bbq’s over the summer, feeling a little sluggish and like we’ve undone all the […]

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  • Stay motivated to exercise in the winter

    How to stay motivated to exercise through the winter


    When you wake up to natural sunlight, buzzing hot weather, and plenty of holidays lined up, it’s not much of a slog to workout. Fitness motivation is much easier in the summer but it’s in the winter that most people’s exercise regime goes tits up!This time of the year, many of us will find it […]

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  • How does stress interfere with fat loss?


    There is nothing more frustrating than being consistent with your nutrition and training yet not seeing the results that you had hoped for. One factor that is often overlooked in the process of getting in shape is stress and the effect it can have on our bodies. We are all aware of how stress can […]

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  • Nobody’s Perfect


    Stop trying so hard. It’s okay to have an off day once in a while. No one is perfect.So many people beat themselves up over missing a workout or eating something that’s not deemed healthy. Do you know what? It’s OK.The world isn’t going to end. You’re not going to lose muscle and you’re not going to ruin everything […]

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  • Is Optimism A Benefit Or A Hindrance To Success?


    Are we “Too optimistic about being optimistic?”A group of people take a test, half are given positive reinforcement immediately before the test and half were given negative reinforcement before the test. Who does better? Social media is flooded with optimism regarding fitness and getting into shape but what does optimism actually do. A group of […]

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  • Failure is a good thing…no, really!


    By Mark TaylorFailure is a word that people use almost exclusively in a negative context. “I failed so I must be rubbish”, “I couldn’t lift that so I’m weak”, “I can’t do that because I failed at it last time”, “I’m not trying that because I might fail at it and look bad”. I hear these comments […]

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  • What’s the best rep range for toning?


    I’ve long lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked the ‘best’ rep range for a certain goal.  “Are light weights, high reps best for toning?’ or “will low reps, heavy weights bulk me up?” etc.  The truth is this that there is no such thing as the best rep range for anything.  […]

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  • Why Am I Training Like An Athlete?


    If your everyday life has nothing to do with being more “athletic”, I don’t blame you for questioning why it might be in your best interest to become stronger, run faster, jump higher and become a more efficient athlete. Yes, I said athlete. The term athlete is thrown around as a pretty broad term in […]

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  • Be Resolute


    Do you believe in New Years resolutions? Lots of people do. The problem is that the January blues kick and the novelty wears off. And too many are forgotten by the time February comes around. If January 1st was a time for you to sit down and make a list of things you would like to […]

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