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Personal Training Coaches Fitness Challenges - W10 Personal Training Gym

Personal Training Coaches Fitness Challenges


At W10 our personal training coaches create a fitness challenge each week for our gym members to try. We have collated a selection of coaches fitness challenges to keep yourself motivated and try. We will add new challenges each week,...

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Are You Struggling To Find the Motivation To Train? - W10 Personal Training Gym

Are You Struggling To Find the Motivation To Train?


  If the answer is yes, don't worry you're certainly not alone...! The end of August, leading up to September can be a lot like the lead up to January for most people. We’ve all had a few too many...

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Stay motivated to exercise in the winter

How to stay motivated to exercise through the winter


  When you wake up to natural sunlight, buzzing hot weather, and plenty of holidays lined up, it's not much of a slog to workout. Fitness motivation is much easier in the summer but it’s in the winter that most...

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Is Optimism A Benefit Or A Hindrance To Success?


  Are we “Too optimistic about being optimistic?”   A group of people take a test, half are given positive reinforcement immediately before the test and half were given negative reinforcement before the test. Who does better? Social media is...

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Failure is a good thing…no, really!


By Mark Taylor   Failure is a word that people use almost exclusively in a negative context. “I failed so I must be rubbish”, “I couldn’t lift that so I’m weak”, “I can’t do that because I failed at it...

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What’s the best rep range for toning?


I’ve long lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked the ‘best’ rep range for a certain goal.  “Are light weights, high reps best for toning?’ or “will low reps, heavy weights bulk me up?” etc.  The truth...

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Why Am I Training Like An Athlete? - W10 Personal Training Gyms

Why Am I Training Like An Athlete?


If your everyday life has nothing to do with being more “athletic”, I don’t blame you for questioning why it might be in your best interest to become stronger, run faster, jump higher and become a more efficient athlete. Yes,...

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Be Resolute


Do you believe in New Years resolutions? Lots of people do. The problem is that the January blues kick and the novelty wears off. And too many are forgotten by the time February comes around. If January 1st was a time...

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The problem with the U.K. fitness industry


An excerpt from an email exchange at W10 Performance, prompted by a Facebook post by Thomas Plummer. The W10 team talks about the state of the fitness industry, why highstreet gyms are a dying breed, and how to bridge the...

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10000 Kettlebell Swings Challenge Experience - W10 Personal Training Gym

Dan John 10000 Kettlebell Swings Challenge Experience


Last month I took on a challenge to do 10000 kettlebell swings in a month (editors note: yes, ten thousand). This was something I had seen posted by coach Dan John. I fancied something different for a few weeks, and...

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