• London Fun Runs in 2019 - W10 Personal Training Gym

    Fun Runs in London (2019)


    In and around London, there are more than 100 fun runs including races for beginners, 5K runs, 10K runs, half marathons and the crème de la crème of all runs, The London Marathon. Most race organisers supply a baggage drop off point, portaloos, refreshments and medical services for the safety of all entrants. Entrance fees […]

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  • Fun Fitness Events in London in 2019 - W10 Personal Training Gym

    15 Fun Fitness Events in London (2019)


    Whether you’ve made a personal resolution to yourself or are looking to connect with interesting and like-minded individuals, 2019 is already shaping up to be the year of embracing fitness the fun way. From wellness workshops to fun runs, along with some seriously delicious brunch fare, here are 15 of London’s upcoming fitness events worth […]

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  • Holiday workout ideas

    Simple and effective holiday workout ideas


    Summer Holiday Workouts One of the questions we’ve always been asked over the years is “I’m going on holiday, there isn’t a gym, what should I do?” The good news is that nature has blessed us all with an amazing tool called “our body” and it can be used to great effect with simple movements… […]

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  • How to stop Christmas from ruining your health and fitness goals

    How to stop Christmas from wrecking your fitness goals


    With Christmas (and it’s myriad of parties) being in full flow, it can be a tough time to stay on top of your health and fitness goals.A cheeky mince pie here, a glug of mulled wine there, and how could you possibly say no to seconds and thirds when it would be a personal affront […]

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  • Nobody’s Perfect


    Stop trying so hard. It’s okay to have an off day once in a while. No one is perfect.So many people beat themselves up over missing a workout or eating something that’s not deemed healthy. Do you know what? It’s OK.The world isn’t going to end. You’re not going to lose muscle and you’re not going to ruin everything […]

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  • Telegraph feature: 7 strategies for better recovery


    Check out our Fitness Truths feature in the Telegraph: 7 strategies for better recovery People will often talk about the concept of over-training, a state which could be defined as a physical, behavioural, and emotional condition that occurs when the volume and intensity of an individual’s exercise exceeds their recovery capacity. In other words, it […]

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  • Women’s Health and Fitness Feature: Act Your Age – Stay Fit In Your 50’s


    A recent article written by JC featured in the Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine… Staying in shape becomes all-important in your fifties. For those who have been reluctant exercisers previously, the goal is to be in better shape than you were in your thirties and forties. For those of you who reach your fifties with a […]

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  • Tips to Improving Your Sleep for Better Results


    Poor sleep has linked with a host of metabolic conditions, including heart disease and type II diabetes. And more and more research is coming out linking poor sleep to unwanted weight gain. So here’s an insight into a few of the reason why we need to prioritise getting some quality Z’s. Have you ever slept poorly […]

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  • The power of now


    A few years ago I had a client who appeared to be losing the plot. Here was an individual I had trained for 4 years and was one of the hardest working and most intelligent people I had ever met, but he could not even find the energy to prepare his own dinner or ensure […]

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  • Improve sleep for better results


    We know that a lack of sleep is linked with serious conditions like heart disease and Type II diabetes. More research is coming out linking poor sleep to gaining unwanted weight so here’s an insight into a few of the reasons why we need to address poor sleep. Have you ever slept poorly for a […]

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