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Summer bodies made in winter

Telegraph Feature: Summer bodies are made in the winter


"Don't save your beach-body programme for the six-week summer bootcamp dash, make it easy on yourself and start now" says our fitness blogger, W10 Founder - Jean-Claude Vacassin. It might seem a little premature to be talking about summer bodies...

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Develop power female training

Top Moves For Developing Power: Health And Fitness Magazine Feature


Our November feature in Health And Fitness Magazine. This month, expert trainer Jean-Claude Vacassin, owner of W10 GYM, shows us the top moves for developing power. 1. DUMBBELL THRUSTER BENEFITS: This is a total-body exercise that combines two compound movements —...

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Health and fitness magazine feature strong in 6 moves

Strong in 6 moves | Health And Fitness Magazine Feature


In the first of a new series of workouts from top PT's, trainer Amy Darch offers a time-saving, total-body workout Do you seem to spend hours in the gym and still not see the benefits? You need to take your...

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Moves to create a good posture - health and fitness magazine

Moves to create a good posture: Health And Fitness Magazine Feature


Our October feature in Health And Fitness Magazine This month, expert trainer Jean-Claude Vacassin, owner of W10 Gym, talks us through the best moves to create a good posture. 1. BAT WINGS BENEFITS: As the largest muscles in your arms,...

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The Guardian article featuring Jean-Claude Vacassin W10

The Guardian Feature: 'It's intoxicating – I became obsessed': has fitness gone too far?


Jean-Claude Vacassin, the founder of W10, was recently featured in this article from The Guardian, offering his expert opinion on fitness via social media and whether it's gone too far... Lisa Andrews was looking for a quick fitness fix. The...

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How to get a well conditioned core to prevent injury

Exercises To Help You Get A Well Conditioned Core


Health and Fitness Magazine Feature. This month, expert trainer Jean-Claude Vacassin, owner of W10 Performance Gyms, helps you get a well- conditioned core to boost performance and prevent injury. 1. STIR THE POT BENEFITS: Those who already have some good...

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W10 Performance health and fitness maagzine

Do The Twists - Boost Your Core Strength


Our latest feature in Health and Fitness Magazine. Boost your core strength with this explosive rotating move. LATERAL BALL TOSS Lateral ball toss is one of the most effective core exercises around, and it’ll raise your pulse, too. This move...

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Working your hamstrings and boosting your leg power


  This month, we were featured in Health and Fitness Magazine showing you how to work your hamstrings and boost your leg power. 1. ROMANIAN DEADLIFT Benefits: The Romanian deadlift is a great exercise to strengthen not only your hamstrings,...

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Why fitness is big business


Our latest feature in Sport Magazine... The Body Coach is hot news – but he’s not the only one banging the fitness drum to an audience of millions.   Which author sold the most print books on Amazon in the...

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Sports magazine fitness resolution

Sport Magazine feature: Resolution Rules


Expert trainer and owner of W10 Personal Training Gym Jean-Claude Vacassin talks New Year resolutions, and launches his four-week guide to getting back on the fitness wagon. “I’ve been around for enough ‘New Year, New You’ cycles to have a...

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