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avoid bad decisions

A Simple Tip To Avoid Making Bad Decisions


Everyday we make choices, be them conscious or subconscious. ‘What's for breakfast?’ ‘Lunch?’ ‘Dinner?' ‘What time do the kids need collecting?', and so on and so forth.   We lead busy lives where we need to make decisions all day, be them in work or...

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Squat Four Ways


Jean Claude's feature in Health and Fitness Magazine... 1. BACK SQUAT BENEFITS: Done correctly, this move will build sheer strength in your glutes, hamstrings and core. Start with a barbell supported on the fleshy part of your upper back across...

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Marathon Training Tips - W10 Personal Training Gym

Marathon Training Tips


Last Minute Marathon Training Tips 1. Eat for energy Nutrition is as important as training. You need adequate nutrients now to optimise both your training and after the race, for your recovery. Many people make the mistake of thinking that...

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Why is W10 Performance so Saturday Night Fever? - W10 Personal Training Gym

Why is W10 Performance so Saturday Night Fever?


“Why are my hamstrings are tight?  I stretch, I train, I stretch again, but my hamstrings are always tight”! Sound familiar? It does to me. People, often without prompting, walk into my practice and tell me that their hamstring ‘feel...

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6wk Fat Loss Review


It’s all very well us describing our programmes and gym culture, but sometimes it’s important to read it in the words of those who are experiencing it.  So here’s a recent ‘wort’s and all’ review of our 6wk Fat Loss...

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Keep Your Personal Training Programme Simple - W10 Personal Training Gym

Keep Your Programme Simple


Our approach is pretty simple.  Move regularly (day to day), move some (relatively) heavy stuff and do some sprints (or metabolically equivalent).  Pepper that with some soft tissue and mobility work and you’ve got the basis of a good programme....

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