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Bodyweight Home Workout with a Resistance Band

Mar 25, 2020   The W10 Team

Bodyweight Home Workout with a Resistance Band - W10 Personal Training Gym

We are going to be performing a home bodyweight workout with a resistance band.

We are going to perform 10 reps and go for 4 rounds.

1. Banded Squat

Stand on the band and have it rested across the shoulders, then squat.

2. Good Morning

Get into the hip hinge position of pushing the hips back up and squeeze the glutes at the top.

3. X Band Walks

Cross the band over with enough tension.

10 steps in one direction, then 10 step in the other direction.

If you have any questions on the above or would like some advice on how we could help you with your fitness goals, don’t hesitate, visit our gym and try one of our personal training sessions. We are currently offering live streamed home workout sessions for clients.

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