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The Aerobic Energy System - Gym Bikes - W10 Personal Training Gym

The Aerobic Energy System


While your body’s anaerobic system doesn’t require oxygen to provide you with short bursts of energy, the aerobic energy system uses oxygen to enable you to exercise at a level of intensity for sustained periods of time. The word “aerobic”...

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4 Reasons Small Group Personal Training is For You - W10 Personal Training Gym

4 Reasons Small Group Personal Training is For You


Whatever your goals might be; weight-loss, getting leaner, a little fitter or wanting to feel-good, it can be a minefield when you go it alone. You may want a personal trainer but can only really afford to go once a...

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Is Cholesterol Really Good for your Health? - Structure of Cholesterol - W10 Personal Training Gym

Is Cholesterol Really Good for your Health?


Over the decades, cholesterol has been termed as bad, and high cholesterol level has been associated with heart diseases such as heart attacks, angina, and stroke. However, there has been no proof of the relation of high cholesterol with the...

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Kettlebell Exercises & Workout - W10 Personal Training Gym

Kettlebell Exercises & Workout


The kettlebell is a a great free weight you can use anywhere. These kettlebell exercises not only do they target the legs and glutes but also target the rest of the body. At W10 we believe in making exercise as...

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Core Exercises for Lower Back Pain - W10 Personal Training Gym

Core Exercise for Lower Back Pain


Core training should be a part of any training programme as a balanced approach and it should also be a focus if you are suffering from lower back pain. Here are some of our favourite core exercises if you have...

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Advanced Core Circuit with Resistance Band - W10 Personal Training Gym

Advanced Core Circuit with Resistance Band


Advanced core circuit with three exercises using a resistance band that you can do anywhere. Deadbug Staring off with the dead bug you're going to take the band so you have some tension. Hands in line with the shoulders, knees...

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A Message from us to the W10 Community - W10 Personal Training Gym

Message From Us To Our W10 Community


We want to first take the time to thank everyone that continues to support us in these uncertain times. We at W10 are hugely appreciative now more than ever. It’s also the perfect time to update you on the exciting...

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Fitness For The Over 50s - W10 Personal Training Gym

Fitness For The Over 50s


Lifting weights at any age has huge rewards, but doing it after 50 can actually change your life. And it’s never too late to start lifting. Age is no limit to fitness and strength training in particular is recommended as...

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The Principles of Training during Lockdown

Home Workout – Press Ups and Body Weight Squats


This home workout that you don't need any equipment for, all you need is a partner. You are going to do two exercises and you are going to set the clock for 10 minutes to see how many rounds you...

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Home Body Weight Workout - W10 Personal Training Gym

Home Body Weight Workout


Here is a body weight workout that you can do anywhere, at any time. This workout is made up of four different exercises that you will do 5 sets of. You can adjust this to your fitness levels, you can...

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