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Our story

When we opened our doors over a decade ago, the fitness industry was booming but in a bad place. Gyms seemed to have become all about bright lights and music, machines and merchandise, posing and power shakes. And the worst thing about it was that members were taking second place. People joined, got bored or intimidated, left, and never went back. It wasn’t for us. So, there was only one thing to do: set about completely turning the fitness business model on its head.

Built on a foundation of personal training, we created an inclusive, customer-centric experience that focuses purely on results. It sounds simple, but to do that you need an unshakable vision, you need scientifically proven methods, you need world-class training and, above all, you need the right team.

Today, we have our original gym in North Kensington, a second in Welwyn Garden City, and another in Richmond. We also have a dedicated online training studio for members who want to take part at home. But whichever one you choose for your W10 journey, we promise you’ll get the same expert coaching, personal attention and community vibe to help you reach your goals.

“Back in 2009, we were pioneers, presenting a much-needed alternative. Today, with our tireless commitment to development, we’re proud to say that W10 still sets the benchmark.”

Our Philosophy

Our independence is our strength. It means we will always stay true to our original vision to create a customer-first, results-driven gym.

At the heart of this vision are three core principles:

World-class coaching

building and training a knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic team comes first.

Optimum environment

creating a bespoke space with the best kit and facilities available is a fundamental requirement for quality training.

Community culture

we work hard to maintain a welcoming and fun member experience in every way possible.

Our approach

You and your goals


At W10, we get to know you and listen to your unique needs and goals. And we support you every step of the way. After all, you’re the reason we’re here. We want you to train regularly, enjoy your sessions, get real results, and build a long-term relationship with your fitness. If you stay with it, you’ll get the body you came for.

Personal training power


Every member’s programme is built on regular personal training sessions, run by your dedicated coach. If you come to the gym, they’re held in small groups of no more than six. They give you both the individual support and group motivation to help you keep up the good work and get those results.

Consistent expert support


You’ll work with our core team of world-class coaches. We never use freelancers so you can depend on the same level of expertise and support at every session. And you’ll get a single, dedicated coach who will monitor your progress for the duration of your fitness journey.

Making it enjoyable


We know that the most challenging part of anyone’s fitness journey is sticking with it. And if your gym experience is uninspiring or intimidating, there’s a good chance you’ll quit. We’ve made fitness a community activity that’s fun and motivational. With the support of your W10 family, you’ll look forward to every session.

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