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4 ways you should be measuring fat loss results

Aug 12, 2016   The W10 Team

Ditch the scales

First and foremost…ditch the scales!

The bathroom scales are the most popular tool that people use to monitor progress for fat loss.

You could be looking better and feeling good but unless the number on the scale has dropped you’re not happy!

The truth is, this is a flawed concept, the scale isn’t a true reflection of your progress. The reading on the scale can be affected by a number of things – time of day, food intake, hydration, hormones and menstrual cycles can all have an influence on the numbers you see.

Even if you always weigh yourself in the morning, there are an array of other factors which can distort the reading.

Here are 4 ways that are much better for measuring fat loss than the scales

Bodyfat not Bodyweight

The scales gives you a reading of total bodyweight. What you want to focus on is body composition. Muscle is more dense than fat. So, if you replaced 5kg of fat with 5kg of muscle, you would weigh the same, but look much leaner.

At W10 we use a body composition machine (InBody scanner) which gives a reading of body fat mass, muscles mass and body fat percentage. These are far better numbers to reflect a change in your body that you wouldn’t see on the scale.


Take a Selfie

As your body composition changes you are likely to look a lot better in the mirror than the numbers show on the scales. You might have gained muscle and lost body fat but the scale would not show much difference. Visually though, you will look leaner. Use the mirror and photos as a marker of progress.

With our body composition clients at W10, we tend to take progress photos monthly or bi-weekly to see how their body is transforming and this is really important for accountability and seeing the results.


Your clothes don’t lie

They way you feel and fit in your clothes is another good marker of fat loss. I have come across many clients who have dropped a dress size or had to tighten up their belt buckle because their waist got smaller, yet when they jumped on the scale, the difference in their total bodyweight was minimal, meaning they have just become leaner.


Motivation is key

Last but not least, motivation! If you get too caught up in the numbers, it can be frustrating and demotivating when the scale doesn’t change for the factors listed above.

Instead, you need to focus on how you feel in yourself, how you look, and if you are going to focus on numbers… focus on the ones you’re lifting in the gym!

With a progressive training program and a balanced diet you will see results. Give it time and trust the process…


While the last 3 measurements are better indicators than the scales, the most accurate is definitely to use a hi-tech body composition analysis machine if you have access to one. At W10, we offer no obligation body composition analysis scans once a quarter for non members because there aren’t many places that you will find a reliable body comp machine.

Even if you’re a member of another gym, we are happy to extend this service to you.

Contact us if you’d like to book in for an InBody scan.

020 3489 5428

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