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W10 Client Success Story

Dec 11, 2012   The W10 Team


Here’s W10 member CM’s results from twelve weeks of training and nutrition.  We think you’ll agree that the results are pretty impressive – despite a demanding work schedule, complete with trips away , and the odd night out here and there! – and are testament to CM and the work ethic and commitment he showed throughout the programme.

Three resistance training sessions and two interval based cardio sessions was the approach employed, coupled with a nutritional programme which was overall higher protein, moderate fat and moderate to low carb, but included higher carb days (“cheat meals”) twice per week throughout the twelve weeks.

Here’s CM’s experience in pictures and in his own words:

“I started the 6 week programme thinking that I would be able to deal with the exercise side but would struggle with a strict diet side of things.  But although I found the diet tough it is not so strict or rigid that you cant do it.

As for the training, it’s hard, but the programme and exercises change continually to make things interesting and you very quickly were able to feel, and more importantly see, the results.  

Between “The three Amigos” (Adam, Rob and JC) they were incredibly helpful. They were tough when needed and supportive throughout. I would highly recommend W10, and this programme in particular, to anyone looking to kick start their training.

Thanks again W10.”

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