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W10 Arctic Adventure: Tromsø, Norway

Feb 24, 2020   The W10 Team

W10 Arctic Adventure: Tromsø, Norway - W10 Personal Training Gym

This February Coach Darchy and 14 of our members packed their thermals and headed to chilly Tromsø, Norway for a mini-break of fitness fun (admittedly, maybe more fun than fitness).

It was an action packed few days: after exploring Tromsø town, they caught the Reindeer Racing National Championship. And no, this doesn’t involve tiny jockeys riding reindeer as we thought it might 🙂.

Kitting up to face the temperature drop when leaving the town – a fresh -10°C – they bundled into the coach and traversed Norway’s signature fjords to take on their first adventure: snowmobiling. Two up on the ‘snøscooters’, the team had time to master the basics before opening them up on the flat. Things may have got slightly competitive as the leisurely trek through the mountains turned into a flat-out race, and we’re sure that several of the snowmobiles scored some air on the corners.

Up next was a visit the spectacular ice domes and hotel. An educational tour of the native Sami culture to see the colourful traditional clothing and clusters of lavvo, the traditional Sami tents, were a gentle introduction into the ultimate arctic experience – midnight dog sledding to see the Northern Lights!

“Best company, so much fun and I loved the dog sledding 😂. Top day!” Adriana

With one person sitting on the sled and the other standing behind to ‘drive,’ our unwitting members thought this sounded pretty straightforward in theory. But add a pack of hyperactive, uncontrollable dogs who want to pelt off at 30 mph and things get considerably trickier. So tricky, in fact, that Coach Darchy and Adriana managed to crash their sled. Don’t worry, the dogs were all fine – and the Northern Lights made an appearance just before the team headed back to town.

“Northern Lights were amazing to see: and I never knew so many West Londoners loved fish soup 🙂” Ross

The team’s fitness was truly tested by the final activity: cross-country skiing. Turns out that pushing yourself up a hill on snow isn’t easy – and the member’s MyZone belts (wearable fitness trackers) recorded an impressive 1000-1500 calories burnt. More than a workout here at W10! It’s a shame we didn’t get more photos of this particular activity, as a little bird told us that they all spent more time on their bums than on their feet…

“Other than the great company for me the highlight was the snowmobiles...and Age’s cross-country skiing video...! 😂😂😂” Vicky

Sore but happy and full of good memories, our team trooped back to the airport to return to a relatively warm (?!) UK.

“Loved it all! But the glimpse of the northern lights made it special for me.” Yatesy

Fancy joining our next grand adventure?

We’re swapping snow for sand and heading to epic Ibiza for some fitness fun in the sun this September. Drop us a line at for more info.

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