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The W10 Games

Oct 01, 2019   The W10 Team

W10 Games - W10 Personal Training Gym

The W10 Games are, first and foremost, a community-focused fitness initiative designed to bring our members together and feel a part of something bigger. They are not designed to pitch the best athletes against each other. The games are intended to cater to all our members and their varying fitness levels.

These games gather a large group of members who are then split into teams to be pitted against each other in a series of challenging events that provide everyone with a focused and slightly competitive outlet. Above all else, they were created to be a bit of fun and to bring the W10 community together.

Please don’t be mistaken, however, as anyone who has taken part and really applied themselves knows, they are not easy – not even for the coaches!

We generally run two games a year, giving newcomers, as well as the regulars a chance to get involved and meet each other. It allows the early birds to integrate with the evening crew. Their usual gym schedules may mean they don’t necessarily encounter each other otherwise.

Why Community Is Important

While you could say the gym space is essential. How it looks, what equipment we have, the services and classes, etc. There are plenty of gyms that have great equipment but still lack something when you walk in the door. They can get people through the doors but what makes them want to keep coming back?

Without feeling you are part of something – a community of united people – it won’t matter how many squat racks, posh shower products or fancy machines that fill the place. You simply won’t want to keep going to the gym once that initial burst of motivation has waned.

Anyone who grew up playing team sports will know the value of people and the environment and why it helps to motivate you on your health and fitness journey. You are more likely to stick to something if you enjoy it especially if you are surrounded by like-minded people spurring you on.

W10 Games Competitors
Why W10 are leading the way

Our independence is our strength. We will always stay true to our original vision to create a customer-first, results-driven gym.

At W10 we have created a place where everyone is made to feel welcome, and part of our unique community, no matter what their level of ability or experience is.

We have established a space people love coming to. A membership that looks forward to their next session. Our member testimonials and retention rates speak for themselves.

We want you to come regularly, enjoy your sessions, get results, and build a long-term relationship with your fitness. Nothing else matters.

This sense of community doesn’t just emulate from the trainers or the staff. It comes from members integrating with one another. Making genuine connections and friendships. This quote sums it up perfectly:

Community is much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.

Brian Solis

One of the ways we help cultivate our community is by hosting the W10 games and other activities outside the gym through our adventure club. These are great ways for people to try new things and to meet new people.

Why our members love it

It helps build people’s confidence and gives them the opportunity to push themselves further than they felt was possible. The response from anyone who takes part in the games is always positive. Great connections and friendships are made both within the games themselves and, of course, during the well renowned after party. Work hard, play hard and all that!

These opportunities are important to keep members striving for results and progress within the gym. As a result, our members are exceeding the expectations they originally set out with and recalibrating to account for their improvements. This has the knock-on effect of opening up opportunities they never thought possible at the beginning of their fitness journey.

That competitiveness and team spirit have sparked something in some of the most unlikely of candidates. This has spurred them on to get involved in other team events such as the National Fitness Games, climbing Kilimanjaro, various obstacle course races and other activities W10 organise. Additional events like these further strengthen that community feeling within W10 and keep motivation levels of all involved at a consistent level.

If you have any questions about the above or would like some advice on how we can help you don’t hesitate, Sign up for a 30-day trial and try us out for yourself. Request a CALLBACK or EMAIL US we would love to hear from you.


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