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The Benefits of Vitamin D Supplementation

Dec 05, 2012   The W10 Team


With winter in full swing and with it the short days, dark evenings and lack of sunshine, we thought we’d post a reminder about the benefits of using Vitamin D supplementation.  We recommend that almost everyone supplement with Vitamin D throughout the winter months, especially if they live in the UK.

It’s always worth getting tested beforehand to ascertain what your current Vitamin D status is and help you decide what is an appropriate dosage.  We recommend people who take Vitamin D supplementation get retested at least bi-annually.

Here’s guest post from Canadian Strength Coach Charles Poliquin on the benefits of Viatmin D supplementation:

“Take vitamin D to lose fat and gain muscle. Over and over again, research shows that if you have low vitamin D, you will be more likely to be overweight, have less muscle mass, and higher risk of injury. Vitamin D deficiency is SO easy to solve—don’t let it keep you from getting and staying lean!”

Read the full article here==>>

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