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Team Carb!

Jun 26, 2014   The W10 Team

Team Carb! - W10 Personal Training Gyms

OK, I’ll admit it, I was a Dukan dieter.

On one hand, it did deliver quick results. My mistake was thinking that it was some kind of long term strategy.

For those unfamiliar with the Dukan diet, there are four phases, where carbohydrates are completely cut out to start with and then steadily reintroduced.

The problem was, like many Dukan dieters, I didn’t really follow the part where you steadily reintroduce carbohydrates because I just became terrified of them. It made life pretty difficult at dinner parties and it also made my head feel pretty foggy most of the time, and doing lots of high intensity training at the same time left me running on empty, it was totally unsustainable.

The fact is that low glycemic index (GI) Complex carbs are an excellent clean source of energy. They not only give us mental clarity, balanced energy and moods, they also aid in fat loss and lean muscle gain, when consumed at the right times (pre- and post- training).

Low GI means they have a low glycemic index reading and raise the blood sugar level slowly. They don’t create an insulin spike the way high GI, simple carbs like cakes, chocolate, sugary sauces, processed foods and refined sugars do. Every time our insulin levels spike, fatty deposits can be laid, generally around the mid-section, aka “The Love Handles”. The more frequently our insulin spikes, the more fat gets deposited.

By choosing the “right” carbs our insulin remains stable and we burn fat and build lean muscle. Carbs such as brown rice, gluten free noodles/pasta, quinoa flakes, quinoa grain, rolled oats, lentils, sweet potato & gluten free rice cakes, and of course all fruits & vegetables are great choices.

Do not fear carbs!

I used to be terrified of them and ever since I started reintroducing them, my weight is more stable, my muscle mass has increased and body fat decreased and the best thing is that I feel much more alert and happier.

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