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Tips to Staying Fit While Pregnant - W10 Personal Training Gym

Tips to Stay Fit While Pregnant


Staying fit while pregnant has huge benefits both physically and mentally. If you are feeling strong and healthy enough to still exercise throughout some, or all, of your pregnancy, it can bring positive effects during and after your pregnancy. Prenatal...

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Strong Is For Everyone – feature in Absolutely Notting Hill magazine


Resistance training is a hot topic at the moment, particularly for women. Whilst most of us will probably agree that some form of resistance training is beneficial, perhaps even essential, there is still a hugely divided opinion about what type,...

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Tips to Leaner Legs - W10 Personal Training Gym

Leaner Legs


Nearly every female who comes through our doors wants to improve their legs, bum and thighs. As a female, these areas and especially our legs are one of the trickiest areas to shift body fat off. Alongside increased stubborn fat...

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W10 Games - Oct 2014 - W10 Personal Training Gym

W10 Games 2014


Saturday 11th October 2014 saw the second installation of the W10 Games, a community focused fitness initiative which we started earlier this year. After the success of the first event we were keen to bring the momentum into this weekend,...

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Women’s Training - Shifting the Focus - W10 Personal Training Gyms

Women’s Training – Shifting the Focus


There is so much conflicting advice for women when it comes to training. You’ve probably read or heard that women should not be afraid of lifting heavy weights in order to reach their goals. In my tried and tested experience,...

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The Importance of Movement Prep / Warm Up - W10 Personal Training Gym

The Importance of Movement Prep


Most people will concede (often reluctantly) that warming up prior to training is important.  Yes it’s a very boring topic and we’d all rather walk it to the gym and just get on with it, but if you’re serious about...

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The W10 Food Pyramid - W10 Personal Training Gym

W10 Food Pyramid – 10 Steps to Success


Our W10 Food Pyramid is the framework around which we eat at W10 and the basis upon which we offer nutritional advice to our members. We think it’s a pretty solid nutritional model.  It’s simple, easy to understand and applicable...

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The LighterLife Side of Life - W10 Personal Training Gym

The LighterLife Side of Life


On Monday night this week we did something that we would previously have vowed never to do when we collaborated with LighterLife to do a workshop for the male members of our local branch. Now for those who don’t know...

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Is Your Face Cream Making You Fat? - W10 Personal Training Gym

Is Your Face Cream Making You Fat?


About half of our members of W10 are women, most of whom are on a quest to lose body fat, increase muscle tone, have more energy and feel fitter. They come to us fully expecting to address exercise, nutrition and...

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red thai curry and salad dressing recipes - W10 Personal Training Gym

Red Thai Curry & Salad Dressing Recipes


By request from a couple of our current Jeans Challenge ladies, here are a couple of recipe ideas.  One for the much missed curry (which although certainly not recommended as a stable for this program, can actually be 'good' for...

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