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Tips to Staying Fit While Pregnant - W10 Personal Training Gym

Tips to Stay Fit While Pregnant


Staying fit while pregnant has huge benefits both physically and mentally. If you are feeling strong and healthy enough to still exercise throughout some, or all, of your pregnancy, it can bring positive effects during and after your pregnancy. Prenatal...

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Featured in the Telegraph - Women's Fitness


With promises of 15-minute fat loss workouts, two-minute routines and adverts for the latest workout trend or craze guaranteed to get you in shape in double-quick time, the world of women's fitness is a minefield. But how much of this...

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Is Your Face Cream making You Fat?


About half of our members of W10 Performance are women, most of whom are on a quest to lose body fat, increase muscle tone, have more energy and feel fitter. They come to us fully expecting to address exercise, nutrition...

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12 Reasons You're Not Losing Fat


'Whole' grain or not, they're not going to help most people when it comes to losing body fat!

Have a read of the 12 Reasons You're Not Losing Body Fat guest blog by Jason Ferruggia which...

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W10 Fat Loss 101


W10 training tip: Full-body compound movements are superior to body part split-routines for fat loss purposes!

In anticipation of the enquiries and the barrage of questions we'd be facing relating to fat loss - it being January...

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W10 on The Luxury Channel


“The bottom line is that we want everyone who walks through the door to leave here healthier, stronger, fitter and more educated about nutrition and fitness.”

Read our recent review on the Luxury Channel>> "W10 is...

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W10 in todays Mail Online


Starting a new gym program in January? Rapid fat loss, strength gains and increased fitness anybody?

We're now into the final week of our current Jeans Challenge and the ladies are nearly over the finish line....

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Kick-start your Fat Loss & Fitness in December


It's a pretty safe bet that Sly was running those steps in December!

We're now only two sleeps until we're into December and all of the fun and excitement (and for some, the stress!) that the...

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Red Thai Curry & Salad Dressing Recipes


By request from a couple of our current Jeans Challenge ladies, here are a couple of recipe ideas.  One for the much missed curry (which although certainly not recommended as a stable for this program, can actually be 'good' for...

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