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Shoulder workouts health fitness magazine

Shoulder Workouts: 4 Exercises Using Weights


Our feature in Health and Fitness magazine by Jean-Claude Vacassin.   1. STANDING DUMBBELL SHOULDER PRESS   BENEFITS:   The overhead press is the best shoulder exercise you can do. It works several muscles of the upper body and offers...

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Grip Strength - W10 Personal Training Gym

How Grip Strength Can Make You Stronger


Grip strength is something we measure in our initial assessments at W10 and is something that we are constantly aiming to improve for a number of reasons. It’s very often a neglected piece in the strength training puzzle but here...

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Telegraph feature: “Should Women Lift Weights?”


Weights aren't just for powerlifters and strong men. Strength training keeps us structurally sound and underpins all other physical activities - whether you're in the gym, running around after your kids or sitting at a desk all week long. In...

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The Best Ways to Train for Fat Loss


Combine Weights & Cardio Once you have a good postural base (no injuries or specific weaknesses) metabolic resistance training (think circuit training with higher reps and less rest between different moves) is a hugely effective way to drop body fat. This combination of strength and cardio training...

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Are Squats Bad for My Knees? - W10 Personal Training Gyms

Are Squats Bad for My Knees?


The short answer here is no. When done well squats are a great exercise when it comes to strengthening the musculature around the knee. The problem is, a lot of people lack the mobility to squat well. You will often...

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Kick Start your Fat Loss & Fitness in December - W10 Personal Training Gym

Kick-Start your Fat Loss & Fitness in December


We're now only two sleeps until we're into December and all of the fun and excitement (and for some, the stress!) that the festive season brings with it. What this means for most of us is that we've got about...

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W10 Jeans Challenge Week 5 - W10 Personal Training Gym

Jeans Challenge Week 5


Week five: Let the metabolic circuits commence! So, we're four weeks down with two to go in our challenge to help six women get into 'that' pair of jeans...... and this week the training ratchets up a couple of notches....

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W10 Jeans Challenge - W10 Personal Training Gum

W10 Jeans Challenge


Last week saw the start of our W10 Performance Jeans Challenge.  Six women doing a six week training and nutrition program in a quest to get into 'those' jeans.  The challenge is to condense our sixteen week fat loss blueprint...

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I'm Wary of Lifting Weights and dont want to look like a femal bodybuilder - W10 Personal Training Gym

I’m Wary of Lifting Weights, I Don’t Want to Look Like a Female Bodybuilder!


As a female, the notion that weights 'bulk you up' is a myth. Lifting weights is actually the key for a lean and toned physique.  Female bodybuilders look like they do because they use 'help' (steroids and other hormones, etc)...

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