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5 reasons your workouts are failing and not getting results from gym

Telegraph Feature: 5 reasons you’re not getting results


Feel like you're not getting anywhere with your current programme? Or you were but now you're progress has completely stalled? Here's an article we wrote for The Telegraph on why this is more than likely the case... "Whilst more and...

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Telegraph feature: ‘Beware the sedentary life between workouts’


Check out our feature in the Telegraph titled 'Beware the sedentary life between workouts' https://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/article/TMG11083642/Fitness-Truths-beware-the-sedentary-life-between-workouts.html "One of the most common questions that arises when it comes to exercise is how much we should we be exercising to achieve certain goals....

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Featured in the Telegraph – ‘Train not Drain’


"When it comes to exercise and nutrition, there are plenty of methods, systems and expert opinions about what, how much and when we should be working out. Some will assert that four times per week for fifteen minutes will do...

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Marathon Training Tips - W10 Personal Training Gym

Marathon Training Tips


Last Minute Marathon Training Tips 1. Eat for energy Nutrition is as important as training. You need adequate nutrients now to optimise both your training and after the race, for your recovery. Many people make the mistake of thinking that...

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10 Body Myths Debunked


Check out our feature in today's Telegraph on '10 Body Myths Debunked' We got a say on seven of the ten..... "Fat makes you fat" Not so. "Good quality fats are essential for health and should always make up part...

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