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Telegraph feature: "Which supplements do you really need?"


There are hundreds of tablets lining the walls of local health shops all claiming to have magical properties for our fitness and performance. But do these products actually do what they say on the tin, and when it comes to...

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Post Workout Supplements


There’s a plethora of supplements out there that claim to get you to where you want to be faster than the others, but in all honesty I wouldn’t believe the hype. Do your own research first before spending the money....

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Should you use nutrition supplements?


Opinion is hugely divided when it comes to supplements. People in some quarters will tell you that they’re a waste of time and money and you can get all that you need by eating a varied diet.  Others would have...

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Is Your Face Cream making You Fat?


About half of our members of W10 Performance are women, most of whom are on a quest to lose body fat, increase muscle tone, have more energy and feel fitter. They come to us fully expecting to address exercise, nutrition...

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Not All Protein Supplements Are Created Equal


If you don’t do well with whey protein go for an organic vegan protein like Sun Warrior rice protein

Protein supplements have their place in fat loss and muscle building programs, but are by no means...

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W10 Fat Loss 101 Guide - W10 Personal Training Gym

W10 Fat Loss - 28 Day Fat Loss Blueprint


In anticipation of the enquiries and the barrage of questions we'd be facing relating to fat loss - it being January and all - last week we held a seminar at the gym focusing primarily on, you guessed it, fat loss....

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