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Exercising when sick - W10 Personal Training Gym

Exercising When Sick – When It’s Safe to Workout?


Let's face it, everybody gets ill from time to time, especially this time of year. But is it safe to exercise when you are feeling sick? Do you exercise when sick or just put your feet up and rest? It’s...

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Improve your Mental Health - W10 Personal Training Gym

Improve Your Mental Health


You already know that exercising is good for you. But did you also know it’s great for your mind too and can help with depression, anxiety and stress? Exercise is good for your heart and lungs, increasing strength and making...

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Top Training Tips to get you Race Ready - W10 Personal Training Gym

Top Training Tips to get you Race Ready


The sport of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is growing massively, and each year sees more and more races opening their doors to a growing audience willing to get wet, muddy, and sometimes even electrocuted all in the name of taking...

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W10 Harpers Bazaar feature

Replace The Damaging Shock Tactics of Gym Work-Outs to Keep Trim and Active


Our latest feature in Harper's Bazaar magazine. Replace the damaging shock tactics of gym work-outs with a gentler approach to everyday life, to keep yourself trim and active. The problem with many extreme modern work-out regimes is that, rather than...

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Peristance pays


Some days we all open your eyes and think "Can I be bothered?" you roll out of bed, you get ready and you’re off to work. You show up, it may not be your best day but you are there,...

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Head, Heart and Lungs - W10 Personal Training Gym

Head, Heart and Lungs


I’ve seen people jumping from program to program, looking for that magic formula to make them into the superhero they mainly want to view in the mirror, but for most, especially in the case of general fitness, that magic program...

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Is whey protein for me?


People seem to have differing opinions on whether protein supplementation is for them. Is it a steroid? Will it cause instantaneous muscle gain? Is it healthy? Will it just make you fatter? Is it bad for my kidneys? I have...

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Feature in Men’s Fitness Magazine – Fix Up, Look Sharp


Working at a desk is a one way ticket to messed-up joints and terrible posture. One MF writer took to the gym to see if he could undo years of mobility issues in just 12 weeks – and build muscle...

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The Benefits of Strength Training - W10 Personal Training Gym

The Surprising Benefits of Strength Training


Everyone needs strength training in some way. Whatever your training goal is, getting stronger will help you get there. For example, if you are a keen runner, the likelihood is that specifically training for strength isn’t at the top of...

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