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4 Invisible Training Tips To Skyrocket Your Results


Are you at a point in your exercise journey where you feel like you are giving 100% effort every session, every day of the week, but the progress you have made has stalled? Do you train every day because you...

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7 Simple Ways to Stay Injury Free - W10 Personal Training Gym

7 Simple Ways to Stay Injury Free


Picking up an injury in any form is always going to be frustrating, a lot of the time it will affect what you are trying to carry out in your day to day life as well as disrupt the momentum...

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How to prevent common gym injuries - Guest Blog by Six Physio


Injury prevention and exercise efficiency are closely linked. This is because, in an optimal world, when load is placed on the body, the load is distributed evenly through all necessary areas. Each area is flexible enough to adapt to the...

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Recovery & regeneration is essential to long-term progress


Along with its ugly twin strength training, recovery is often the most overlooked aspect of exercise. More isn’t always better, and people who push and push with no respite will find a stall in progress. Your body doesn’t recover during...

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