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Sport Magazine feature: Resolution Rules


Expert trainer and owner of W10 Personal Training Gym Jean-Claude Vacassin talks New Year resolutions, and launches his four-week guide to getting back on the fitness wagon. “I’ve been around for enough ‘New Year, New You’ cycles to have a...

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W10 Red Magazine Article - W10 Personal Training Gym

A Great Testimonial to W10 – Featured in Red Magazine


Red Magazine Article: "When an email popped into my inbox, exhorting me to sign up for my gym’s Tough Mudder team, a competition which bills itself as ‘the toughest event on the planet’, I casually thought, ‘why not?’ It was...

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Featured in the Telegraph – ‘Train not Drain’


"When it comes to exercise and nutrition, there are plenty of methods, systems and expert opinions about what, how much and when we should be working out. Some will assert that four times per week for fifteen minutes will do...

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Featured in the Telegraph – “Are you running yourself fat”?


The issue of cardio has become a hotly debated area in recent times.  It’s becoming increasingly confusing.  Should we, shouldn’t we, how much should or shouldn’t we?  Traditional steady state cardio has had some bad press in recent times with...

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