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Beef or Turkey Chilli Recipe - Healthy Recipe - W10 Personal Training Gym

Beef or Turkey Chilli


This is a great high protein recipe that you can make a batch of and it tastes even better the day after. So have it for dinner, take some to work for lunch the next day etc. Will last up...

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Cauliflower Rice - Delicious Side Dish Alternative - W10 Personal Training Gym

Cauliflower "Rice' - Delicious alternative to starchy side dishes


If you are on a low or grain-free diet then this is a great recipe for you. We know it can be challenging when  told to cut out grains/starches, especially if you are a 'meat and potatoes' or 'curry and...

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W10 Yogurt Bowl Breakfast


 Need to make breakfast in  a hurry? Try this delicious, quick and simple recipe. High Protein, low carb. Great alternative to a protein shake. Filling and super tasty!       INGREDIENTS 170 grams of Greek Full Fat Organic Yogurt...

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Mini Protein Cheesecakes Recipe


Below is a recipe for some delicious yet healthy mini cheesecakes! They are Paleo, so no grains at all. They are very high in protein, low in sugar (in fact almost sugar free). These are a great breakfast food. Made...

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