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Featured in the Telegraph - 'Train not Drain'


"When it comes to exercise and nutrition, there are plenty of methods, systems and expert opinions about what, how much and when we should be working out. Some will assert that four times per week for fifteen minutes will do...

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Featured in the Telegraph - Women's Fitness


With promises of 15-minute fat loss workouts, two-minute routines and adverts for the latest workout trend or craze guaranteed to get you in shape in double-quick time, the world of women's fitness is a minefield. But how much of this...

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Featured in the Telegraph : Fitness Truths on Protein Shakes


Should you be drinking protein shakes? "If you exercise, chances are you're aware of protein shakes and their role in aiding recovery and boosting results. In fact, even those with an aversion to exercise are likely to have come across...

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