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Kettlebell Workout: Build Your Glutes -W10 Personal Training Gym

Kettlebell Workout: Build Your Glutes


A great free weight you can use is a kettlebell. There are 6 kettlebell exercises that you can try. Not only do they target the legs and glutes. They also target the rest of the body, you use your core,...

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You are your own gym


If you’re looking for an effective way to gain strength, improve cardiovascular fitness or lose weight, then bodyweight training has it all. “Bodyweight is strength training. It is the first step on the journey to physical dominance and when skilled...

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May 2012 Jeans Challenge


The date for our next Jeans Challenge has been set for the 7th May 2012 and we’re getting excited.  We’re at nearly half capacity already and this is already shaping up to be the best one yet! The schedule is...

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Christmas Opening & Festive Cheer


It's not all squats, lunges and hard conditioning at W10!

  We'll be open throughout the festive period, closing only the days that you would expect people not to be in the gym!  So you've got...

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Metabolic Circuit Only Membership


Starting a new gym program in January? Rapid fat loss, strength gains and increased fitness anybody?

We're now into the final week of our current Jeans Challenge and the ladies are nearly over the finish line....

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Jeans Challenge Week 7


Thumbs up to a 100% success rate! We're now well into Week 7 of the Jeans Challenge - our bid to help six women get into 'that' pair of jeans.  And..... **ALL OF OUR CHALLENGERS ARE INTO THEIR JEANS..... AFTER...

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Jeans Challenge Week 5


Week five: Let the metabolic circuits commence! So, we're four weeks down with two to go in our challenge to help six women get into 'that' pair of jeans...... and this week the training ratchets up a couple of notches....

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Metabolic 'finishers' for fat loss


For those who haven't already had the pleasure, here are this weeks 'W10 Roulette' finishers.  Roll the dice and see what you get....... Perhaps not 'fun', but certainly far more engaging than going for a long jog, and not to...

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