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‘Hottest Body Changing Bootcamp'


Quick mention for our W10 Jeans Challenge in the Telegraph’s ‘Hottest body changing bootcamps’ feature: "If it is visible transformations you are after then sign up to the W10 Performance Jeans Challenge. Guaranteed to drop a jean size (or they...

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Two Jeans sizes lost in 8wks!


W10 member MB talks about her Jeans Challenge experience in Closer magazine. "‘By the beginning of this year I was really fed up with my weight. I’d just come back from a winter sun holiday and had felt horrible in...

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Jeans Challenge Success Story


Below is the success story of Jeans Challenge finisher MB detailing her eight week journey to improved sleep, skin, health, overall health and physique.  Hat's off to her for eight weeks of dedication, consistency, hard training and nutritional compliance.  We'll...

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January Goal Setting


So here’s our first post post Christmas and New Years festivities and what else could it possibly be about other than losing weight, resolutions and goal setting! Every year people ‘come back’ in January raring to go and wanting to...

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What the Olympians Brought Home - W10 Personal Training Gym

What the Olympians Brought Home


I loved the Olympics, I was engrossed.  Pre-games I’ll admit to being fairly ambivalent about the whole thing (traffic, tourists and the rest!) but when it all kicked off the athletes and the games themselves were unbelievable and the atmosphere in...

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May 2012 Jeans Challenge


The date for our next Jeans Challenge has been set for the 7th May 2012 and we’re getting excited.  We’re at nearly half capacity already and this is already shaping up to be the best one yet! The schedule is...

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Spring Cleanse Your Body - Part 1


Spring is officially upon us and with it comes the perfect time to shake off any winter lethargy and perhaps the resultant additional pounds and spring cleanse your body! Let's start with the basics. What is a ‘cleanse’? By our...

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red thai curry and salad dressing recipes - W10 Personal Training Gym

Red Thai Curry & Salad Dressing Recipes


By request from a couple of our current Jeans Challenge ladies, here are a couple of recipe ideas.  One for the much missed curry (which although certainly not recommended as a stable for this program, can actually be 'good' for...

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W10 Jeans Challenge Week 8 - W10 Personal Training Gym

Jeans Challenge Week 8


Into the final week. First session of the final week of our Jeans Challenge today and, despite our three remaining ladies already being into their jeans, they came in 'raring to go' and we had another good workout (with a...

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W10 Jeans Challenge Week 7 - W10 Personal Training Gym

Jeans Challenge Week 7


Thumbs up to a 100% success rate! We're now well into Week 7 of the Jeans Challenge - our bid to help six women get into 'that' pair of jeans.  And..**ALL OF OUR CHALLENGERS ARE INTO THEIR JEANS..... AFTER ONLY...

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