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Is This The Only Diet We Need?


Our Feature in The Telegraph and ELLE: Are these five steps all we need? Overnight, an article written by one of the most sought after trainers in the UK, Jean-Claude Vacassin of W10 Performance, ran online in the UK Telegraph...

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W10 featured in Sunday Times Style


In case you missed it, here’s our feature in last weeks Sunday Times Style Magazine's feature on high intensity interval training. Great to see this kind of training getting some coverage, but are people getting the most out of it...

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10 Body Myths Debunked


Check out our feature in today's Telegraph on '10 Body Myths Debunked' We got a say on seven of the ten..... "Fat makes you fat" Not so. "Good quality fats are essential for health and should always make up part...

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Our view on 'Core' training at W10 Personal Training Gym

Our view on 'Core' training in today's ES


Those who are familiar with our Results Based Fitness approach and goal specific programs will be aware of longstanding view on 'core training' and the overemphasis that's been placed on specifically targeting the 'core' or the 'abs' - for both...

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