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Why Everyone Should Be Doing Turkish Get Ups - W10 Personal Training Gym

Why Everyone Should Be Doing Turkish Get Ups


You will probably have noticed the recent reemergence of the coaches’ favourite exercise - The Turkish Get Up (TGU). Some people love it, but the majority hate it. I though it would be a good time to put my case...

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5 Tips to pain free shoulders - W10 Personal Training Gym

5 Tips to Pain Free Shoulders


Having dislocated my shoulder more than once I know a thing or two about shoulder pain and how it can affect your training, or even bring it to a grinding halt. These injuries have been a great learning curve in...

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Vegan Yogurt Recipe


            For those of you with lactose intolerances or if you are vegan then this is a great breakfast substitute for our W10 yogurt bowl recipe I posted last week. You need a blender to...

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Tuna & Sweet Potato Fishcakes


This is one of my favourite meals to make. Not only are they super simple and quick to prep but they are delicious. The thing I hate about the fishcakes you usually find in restaurants, is that they tend to...

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"Overnight Oats" - The perfect cereal replacement.


We all know by now that cereal is not the ideal food to kick the day off with. It's most likely packed with sugars, high in calories and is not going to give you that "Special K red bikini" body...

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How to make Kale actually taste good!


There are two very simple, quick and great ways in which to use Kale while making it taste great!  KALE SALAD INGREDIENTS ½ Bunch of Kale Chopped and Washed Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 TBS Pumpkin Seeds or...

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