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Improve your Mental Health - W10 Personal Training Gym

Improve Your Mental Health


You already know that exercising is good for you. But did you also know it’s great for your mind too and can help with depression, anxiety and stress? Exercise is good for your heart and lungs, increasing strength and making...

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Every Gym Should Have Performance Testing- W10 Personal Training Gym

Every Gym Should Have Performance Testing


In the majority of gyms, there is no performance testing in place for you to monitor whether your gym performance is getting better over time. It can be easy to get caught up in just chasing a number on the...

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Build your Confidence with Exercise -W10 Personal Training Gym

Build your Confidence with Exercise


You’re pumped up. You’ve got up early to beat the crowds and have all the kit: as you step out of the changing rooms onto the gym floor, you’re ready for anything. Then your confidence diminishes the thought hits you:...

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Myzone - What is it and Why do we use it - W10 Personal Training Gym

Myzone – What is it and Why do we use it?


Myzone, in its most basic form, is a wearable heart rate tracking device. This innovative fitness wearable uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately track and monitor physical activity and quantifies it. Not only that it encourages users to move...

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Mindset to reach your goals

Do You Have The Mindset To Reach Your Goals?


Goal setting: easy on paper, right? But sometimes, somewhere along the journey, the simple plan you mapped out ends up getting lost. Could this be down to your mindset? How often do you set yourself goals or resolutions to get...

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Smaller Habits lead to Bigger Results - W10 Personal Training Gyms

Smaller Habits, Bigger Results


Habits are the result of behaviours that you repeat over a period of time which also mean they are behaviours you have to start over and over again. So, if you think about it, if you consistently don’t get started...

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Overcoming Your Inner Resistance - Take Back Control - W10 Personal Training Gyms

Overcoming Your Inner Resistance


Sometimes being committed to your training and nutrition feels easy; you see progress, you feel great and you’re full of energy and enthusiasm. But sometimes you need a lot of strength to maintain that commitment. Not the kind of strength...

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The Best Thing About Crossfit - W10 Personal Training Gyms

The Best Thing About Crossfit


The topic of Crossfit has the ability to divide a room like no other. Some people love it, some hate it, and the smart ones see everything with open eyes. They can spot the good and bad in everything and...

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setting fitness goals - W10 Personal Training Gym

Setting Fitness Goals


When it comes to goal setting for health and fitness, my observation is that most people are driven to some degree by social conformity, rather than an inner personal desire. It’s sometimes more about a sense that we should be...

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Setting your fitness goals for january - W10 Personal Training Gym

January Fitness Goal Setting


So here’s our first post post Christmas and New Years festivities and what else could it possibly be about other than losing weight, resolutions and goal setting! Every year people ‘come back’ in January raring to go and wanting to...

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