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Tips to Staying Fit While Pregnant - W10 Personal Training Gym

Tips to Stay Fit While Pregnant


Staying fit while pregnant has huge benefits both physically and mentally. If you are feeling strong and healthy enough to still exercise throughout some, or all, of your pregnancy, it can bring positive effects during and after your pregnancy. Prenatal...

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5 Tips to get you Ski Fit - W10 Personal Training Gym

5 Tips to Get You Ski Fit for the Slopes


Summer’s over and that means that the ski season is just around the corner. You have about 2 months to prepare your body to perform movements you do during only one or two weeks every year. Here are a few...

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Training for Overall Health - W10 Personal Training Gyms

Training for Overall Health


The transition from training for aesthetics to training for overall health...my journey. Since starting as a coach at W10 Gym I have learnt a magnitude of new information surrounding training and nutrition that has ultimately transformed my overall mindset towards...

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5 Reasons You're Not Getting Results - W10 Personal Training Gyms

Telegraph Feature: 5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results


Feel like you're not getting anywhere with your current programme? - Or you were but now you're progress has completely stalled? Here's an article we wrote for The Telegraph on why this is more than likely the case... "Whilst more...

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Women’s Training - Shifting the Focus - W10 Personal Training Gyms

Women’s Training – Shifting the Focus


There is so much conflicting advice for women when it comes to training. You’ve probably read or heard that women should not be afraid of lifting heavy weights in order to reach their goals. In my tried and tested experience,...

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Training Tips for Women - W10 Personal Training Gym

Training Tips for Women


Training Tips Women Should Steal From Men 1. Get strong Women, like men, should focus on strength training.  Strength training doesn't equal 'bulk', it equals stronger.  Strength is the foundation of all other physical qualities so no matter your goal...

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