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3 Ways to Boost Your Endurance Training - W10 Personal Training Gyms

3 Ways to Boost Your Endurance Training


Endurance training isn't just about putting the miles in - it's about strength, mobility and nutrition. Resistance and functional training may be the current darling of mainstream fitness, but endurance training - and the events that inspire it, are becoming...

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5 Tips to get you Ski Fit - W10 Personal Training Gym

5 Tips to Get You Ski Fit for the Slopes


Summer’s over and that means that the ski season is just around the corner. You have about 2 months to prepare your body to perform movements you do during only one or two weeks every year. Here are a few...

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Marathon Training Tips - W10 Personal Training Gym

Marathon Training Tips


Last Minute Marathon Training Tips 1. Eat for energy Nutrition is as important as training. You need adequate nutrients now to optimise both your training and after the race, for your recovery. Many people make the mistake of thinking that...

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W10 Jeans Challenge Week 5 - W10 Personal Training Gym

Jeans Challenge Week 5


Week five: Let the metabolic circuits commence! So, we're four weeks down with two to go in our challenge to help six women get into 'that' pair of jeans...... and this week the training ratchets up a couple of notches....

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