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Why Our Fat Loss Programme Works and gets Results - W10 Personal Training Gym

Why Our Fat Loss Programme Works and gets Results


You won’t find glossy before and after client photos on the walls and marketing campaigns at W10, and we are far from promoting ourselves as a body transformation gym. Nevertheless, we do get excellent fat loss results. Our ethos is...

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Why Do I Have to Lift Heavy Weights - W10 Personal Training Gym

Why Do I Have to Lift Heavy Weights? I Only Want to Tone and Not Bulk


Let’s get this straight from the start; women by nature are not set up to build muscle like men.  Men have 15-20 times more testosterone than women, and unless a woman is supplementing this with muscle building hormone (think Russian...

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The W10 Food Pyramid - W10 Personal Training Gym

W10 Food Pyramid – 10 Steps to Success


Our W10 Food Pyramid is the framework around which we eat at W10 and the basis upon which we offer nutritional advice to our members. We think it’s a pretty solid nutritional model.  It’s simple, easy to understand and applicable...

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The LighterLife Side of Life - W10 Personal Training Gym

The LighterLife Side of Life


On Monday night this week we did something that we would previously have vowed never to do when we collaborated with LighterLife to do a workshop for the male members of our local branch. Now for those who don’t know...

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Not All Protein Supplements are Equal - W10 Personal Training Gym

Not All Protein Supplements Are Created Equal


Protein supplements have their place in fat loss and muscle building programs, but are by no means an essential component of a healthy and successful training and nutrition program, far from it. Most people we talk to - particularly ‘want-to-be...

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Spring Cleanse your Body - Part 1 - W10 Personal Training Gym

Spring Cleanse Your Body – Part 1


Spring is officially upon us and with it comes the perfect time to shake off any winter lethargy and perhaps the resultant additional pounds and spring cleanse your body! Let's start with the basics. What is a ‘cleanse’? By our...

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W10 Fat Loss 101 Guide - W10 Personal Training Gym

W10 Fat Loss – 28 Day Fat Loss Blueprint


In anticipation of the enquiries and the barrage of questions we'd be facing relating to fat loss - it being January and all - last week we held a seminar at the gym focusing primarily on, you guessed it, fat loss....

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red thai curry and salad dressing recipes - W10 Personal Training Gym

Red Thai Curry & Salad Dressing Recipes


By request from a couple of our current Jeans Challenge ladies, here are a couple of recipe ideas.  One for the much missed curry (which although certainly not recommended as a stable for this program, can actually be 'good' for...

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W10 Jeans Challenge Results - W10 Personal Training Gym

Jeans Challenge: The Results


A couple of weeks ago we drew the curtain on the very first W10 Jeans Challenge - our bid to help six women cast away those scales and judge results by fitting into that pair of jeans..... And we're pleased...

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W10 Jeans Challenge Week 8 - W10 Personal Training Gym

Jeans Challenge Week 8


Into the final week. First session of the final week of our Jeans Challenge today and, despite our three remaining ladies already being into their jeans, they came in 'raring to go' and we had another good workout (with a...

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