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Exercising when sick - W10 Personal Training Gym

Exercising When Sick – When It’s Safe to Workout?


Let's face it, everybody gets ill from time to time, especially this time of year. But is it safe to exercise when you are feeling sick? Do you exercise when sick or just put your feet up and rest? It’s...

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Nail the basics


When it comes to nutrition and all the differing opinions out there you can be forgiven for feeling confused. But the world of nutrition can be as complicated as you want to make it. I mean, we can get into...

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Eating Clean Does Not Equal Eating Right - W10 Personal Training Gyms

Eating Clean Does Not Equal Eating Right


If I had a pound for every time I heard the words, ‘my diet is pretty good, I eat pretty clean’, I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog. For a start, eating clean is a misnomer. Why don’t we just...

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Telegraph Feature: “Is This The Only Diet You’ll Need?”


Fitness Truths: Increase your real food, water, sleep and walking, and complete 100 workouts a year. With the January diet and exercise silly-season out of the way, now is the time that we can start to bring things back to centre...

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Goal Setting and Results Beyond January - W10 Personal Training Gyms in London

Goal Setting and Results Beyond January


At this time of year countless blogs and articles will surface telling you to 'Change your life this year' with some 'New year, New you' mumbo jumbo. This isn't going to be one of those. Come January gyms across the...

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How To Stick To Your Fitness Resolutions - W10 Personal Training Gyms

How To Stick To Your Fitness Resolutions


The turn of the year really is a good time to start afresh and make your fitness resolutions. It's a positive move for anyone, but most of us would do well to temper our New Year enthusiasm. It's about adopting...

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Juicing vs. Blending - Which is Better? - W10 Personal Training Gyms

Pulp Fiction? Juicing vs. Blending


Juicing and blending have become increasingly fashionable in the last few years and I’m sure you’ll know someone who has recently done some form of juice diet or cleanse. Both juicing and blending are excellent ways of increasing our intake...

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Healthy Working Lunch Options - W10 Personal Training Gyms

Healthy Working Lunch Options


Most of us have read the W10 food stages system, and we know what we’re supposed to be eating. The fact is that preparing a healthy lunch in tupperware boxes for the working week is not a priority on everyone’s...

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What Do We Eat at W10? - Food Diaries - W10 Personal Training Gym

What Do We Eat at W10?


A common question from our clients is, “What do you eat?” Now, keep in mind that what our trainers and staff are eating may not be right for you and your training goals etc.. So, just for fun and for...

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The W10 Food Pyramid - W10 Personal Training Gym

W10 Food Pyramid – 10 Steps to Success


Our W10 Food Pyramid is the framework around which we eat at W10 and the basis upon which we offer nutritional advice to our members. We think it’s a pretty solid nutritional model.  It’s simple, easy to understand and applicable...

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