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Why Everyone Should Be Doing Turkish Get Ups - W10 Personal Training Gym

Why Everyone Should Be Doing Turkish Get Ups


You will probably have noticed the recent reemergence of the coaches’ favourite exercise - The Turkish Get Up (TGU). Some people love it, but the majority hate it. I though it would be a good time to put my case...

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Why is W10 Performance so Saturday Night Fever?


“Why are my hamstrings are tight?  I stretch, I train, I stretch again, but my hamstrings are always tight”! Sound familiar? It does to me. People, often without prompting, walk into my practice and tell me that their hamstring ‘feel...

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Does posture matter?


Entry copied form JC’s blog: (www.vacassin.com) I have this conversation A LOT.  The mainstream personal training industry is seemingly obsessed with corrective exercise, and too much so in my view.  Yes, there’s there’s a body of trainers who write crappy,...

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