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Do carbs make you fat

Do Carbs Make you Fat?


One of our recent features in The Telegraph: "Do carbs make you fat?" Low carbohydrate diets are still hugely popular, with many of us considering a low carb approach as almost essential if we want to lose weight and stay...

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Healthy Working Lunch Options - W10 Personal Training Gyms

Healthy Working Lunch Options


Most of us have read the W10 food stages system, and we know what we’re supposed to be eating. The fact is that preparing a healthy lunch in tupperware boxes for the working week is not a priority on everyone’s...

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Team Carb! - W10 Personal Training Gyms

Team Carb!


OK, I’ll admit it, I was a Dukan dieter. On one hand, it did deliver quick results. My mistake was thinking that it was some kind of long term strategy. For those unfamiliar with the Dukan diet, there are four...

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Can I Eat Porridge - Bowl of Porridge - W10 Personal Training Gym

Can I Eat Porridge?


It’s not sensible to make recommendations on foods in isolation. You can only do so when looked at in the context of the broader diet. So, it depends Porridge was a staple breakfast in my very Scottish Gran’s house. Made...

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Are Bananas Bad For You? - W10 Personal Training Gym

Are Bananas Bad For You?


I actually got asked this question this week, "are bananas bad for me?" Are you kidding me? How on earth did we get to the stage when people are questioning the benefits of fruit? Another personal trainer apparently told a...

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Should I Eat Carbs At Night? - W10 Personal Training Gym

Should I Eat Carbs At Night?


The idea of avoiding carbs at night, much like many other weight loss diets (low carb, low fat etc), serves merely as a simple calorie reduction tool.  Now this isn’t necessarily bad but it certainly isn’t a must for fat...

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Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs - Muffin - W10 Personal Training Gym

Good Carbs v Bad Carbs


There is quite a lot of misconception around the topic of Carbohydrate. We hear sentences such as “good carbs” “complex carbs” “no carbs” and it can all become quite confusing. Put simply, what is the difference between a “good” carb...

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