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Breakfast recipe overnight oats - W10 Personal Training Gym

Overnight Oats: Recipe


Who says breakfast has to be boring? Here's a nutritious, tasty and very quick overnight oats breakfast recipe thanks to one of our members and you can tweak to your own tastes: Overnight Oats Ingredients: 4 tablespoons of rolled of...

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Healthy protein pancakes

Protein Pancake Breakfast Recipe


It's all over the news at the moment about kids eating half of their sugar allowance at breakfast with all of the high sugar cereals available. This is probably true with a lot of adults too; cereals, muffins, pastries are...

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Healthy version of Huevos Rancheros

Our Version of Huevos Rancheros: A Healthy and Simple Recipe


Winter has officially arrived and as fun as the party season is, let's face it, sometimes you would just prefer a cosy night in with some comfort food. Heres a take on the Mexican breakfast dish, Huevos Rancheros, which I like to...

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Healthy Working Lunch Options - W10 Personal Training Gyms

Healthy Working Lunch Options


Most of us have read the W10 food stages system, and we know what we’re supposed to be eating. The fact is that preparing a healthy lunch in tupperware boxes for the working week is not a priority on everyone’s...

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Vanilla Cashew Chia Pudding - Recipe - W10 Personal Training Gym

Vanilla Cashew Chia Pudding


This is by far my ultimate favourite treat/pudding/breakfast. If you've seen those Chia Pods in health food stores lately, this recipe is inspired by them but tastes much better (in my humble opinion). As a breakfast it is super filling...

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Vegan Yogurt Recipe - Breakfast - W10 Personal Training Gym

Vegan Yogurt Recipe


For those of you with lactose intolerance's or if you are vegan then this is a great breakfast substitute for our W10 yogurt bowl recipe I posted last week. You need a blender to make this. Vegan Yogurt Ingredients: 1/2...

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Should You Eat Before Any Early Workout? - Breakfast Selection - W10 Personal Training Gym

Should You Eat Before Any Early Workout?


One of the dilemmas facing those that train early (by early I mean 6 or 7am – don’t talk to me if you class 10am as early) is whether or not to eat prior to training. The answer will ultimately...

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W10 Yoghurt Bowl Breakfast Recipe - W10 Personal Training Gym

W10 Yogurt Bowl Breakfast


Need to make breakfast in  a hurry? Try this delicious, quick and simple recipe. High Protein, low carb. Great alternative to a protein shake. Filling and super tasty! Yogurt Bowl Breakfast Ingredients: 170 grams of Greek Full Fat Organic Yogurt...

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Mini Protein Cheesecakes Recipe - W10 Personal Training Gym

Mini Protein Cheesecakes Recipe


Recipe for some delicious yet healthy mini cheesecakes! They are Paleo, so no grains at all. They are very high in protein, low in sugar (in fact almost sugar free). These are a great breakfast food. Made in batches you...

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Healthy Breakfasts in a Rush - W10 Personal training Gym

3 Healthy Breakfasts for When You’re in a Rush


When you’re rushing to get to work, you’re still half asleep and you’re trying to get the kids ready, fitting in a healthy breakfast can be a challenge. As a culture, especially in this country, most of us grew up...

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