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Personal Training tips and tricks to staying in shape - W10 Personal Training Gym

Personal Trainers Tips to Staying in Shape


As personal trainers, we have a responsibility to look after ourselves and be a positive role model for our clients. Part of being a role model as a trainer means being in shape, this doesn’t need to be a six-pack,...

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10 Fitness myths and the truth - W10 Personal Training Gym

10 Fitness Myths and The Truth


The fitness industry is a huge business that is saturated with images of beautiful creatures endorsing the latest diet, workout or nutritional super-food. Just like the myth that the earth is flat, which even has its own support group, aptly...

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Are you wasting your time doing pointless exercises in the gym?

Are You Wasting Your Time Doing Pointless Exercises in the Gym?


How many times have you got your gym kit ready, found a gym, got there and thought “Okay, what do I do now?” In this situation, we think about a few movements we have seen others do in the gym...

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What’s the best rep range for toning?


I’ve long lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked the ‘best’ rep range for a certain goal.  “Are light weights, high reps best for toning?’ or “will low reps, heavy weights bulk me up?” etc.  The truth...

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The Three Palm Diet - W10 Personal Training Gym

The Three Palm Diet


There is almost never a definitive answer when it comes to nutrition. >>What’s the best diet for losing weight? >>Is fruit good for me? >>What about rice, can I eat that? >>How much protein should I be getting? It depends....

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Are Your Scales Lying To You? - W10 Personal Training Gym

Are Your Scales Lying To You?


We’ve all heard the phrase ‘the scales don’t tell you the truth, they lie’. Well, it’s not true. The scales don’t lie. The number you can see between your feet is accurate. The same is true of the BMI index....

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Healthy Dessert - Chocolate Balls - W10 Personal Training Gym

The Ultimate Healthy Dessert?


I’m not big into traditional, sugar-riddled, processed desserts, but I do - like most people - have a penchant for the odd something sweet.  Here’s one of my current favourites that I think you’ll like. Whilst not something most people...

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Marathon Training Tips - W10 Personal Training Gym

Marathon Training Tips


Last Minute Marathon Training Tips 1. Eat for energy Nutrition is as important as training. You need adequate nutrients now to optimise both your training and after the race, for your recovery. Many people make the mistake of thinking that...

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weight loss vs fat loss - scales and tape measure - W10 Personal Training Gym

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss


It's traditionally busy times in gym-land over the coming weeks, the clocks have changed which means summer is (reluctantly) on it's way and people now have an eye on summer and the prospect of having to get semi-naked in public....

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10 Body Myths Debunked


Check out our feature in today's Telegraph on '10 Body Myths Debunked' We got a say on seven of the ten..... "Fat makes you fat" Not so. "Good quality fats are essential for health and should always make up part...

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