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Take Your Training Up a Gear - W10 Personal Training Gym

Take Your Training up a Gear


Whatever stage you start with your fitness, here at W10 we guide members through an individual journey to become stronger, fitter and healthier. Our Athlete Programme provides an excellent platform to take your training up a gear. The Fitness Journey...

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Head, Heart and Lungs - W10 Personal Training Gym

Head, Heart and Lungs


I’ve seen people jumping from program to program, looking for that magic formula to make them into the superhero they mainly want to view in the mirror, but for most, especially in the case of general fitness, that magic program...

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The importance of technical competence for the office athlete


‘Office athlete’ is a term I use to describe anyone who does not earn a living playing sport. Moving and doing athletic things is what every single human being on the planet is designed to do whether you an elite...

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