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Sports magazine fitness resolution

Sport Magazine feature: Resolution Rules


Expert trainer and owner of W10 Personal Training Gym Jean-Claude Vacassin talks New Year resolutions, and launches his four-week guide to getting back on the fitness wagon. “I’ve been around for enough ‘New Year, New You’ cycles to have a...

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red thai curry and salad dressing recipes - W10 Personal Training Gym

Red Thai Curry & Salad Dressing Recipes


By request from a couple of our current Jeans Challenge ladies, here are a couple of recipe ideas.  One for the much missed curry (which although certainly not recommended as a stable for this program, can actually be 'good' for...

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Interval Training for Fat Loss - W10 Personal Training Gym

Interval Training for Fat Loss


Short, sharp bursts have proved more effective for fat loss. The argument about traditional steady-steady cardio vs higher intensity interval training is still gathering momentum!  Should we go more slowly for longer or is it more beneficial to go faster...

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The Paleo Diet: Might our Future Lie In our Past? - W10 Personal Training Gym

The Paleo Diet: Might our Future Lie In our Past?


These days columns inches, film reels and supermarket shelves are filled with a constant stream of 'fad' diets which promise 'too good to be to true' weight loss results and remarkable health benefits, whilst lining the pockets of celebrity endorsers, media companies and corporates. The...

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Five Fats You Should Have in your Kitchen - w10 Personal Training Gym

Five Fats You Should Have In Your Kitchen


Fat gets a bad rap - unjustifiably so. (We blame the media and processed food manufacturers!) Contrary to popular belief, consuming the right kinds of fats in sufficient quantities might be one of the top considerations when looking to optimise...

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Muscle Building and Fat Loss Tips - W10 Personal Training Gym

Top 5 Tips for Muscle Building & Fat Loss


I was interviewed for a big name fitness magazine recently and they asked for my top five training tips. Top 5 Training Tips 1. Train like an athlete You should be training for enhanced performance and your strength work and conditioning /...

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Core Training Myths - W10 Personal Training Gym

The Core Training Myth


An interesting article written by leading health and fitness writer and journalist Peta Bee quoting some of the leading researchers in the areas of back back and injury rehabilitation. We are not posting it here because we are anti-Pilates, but...

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