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Not All Protein Supplements Are Created Equal


If you don’t do well with whey protein go for an organic vegan protein like Sun Warrior rice protein

Protein supplements have their place in fat loss and muscle building programs, but are by no means...

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Five Fats You Should Have in your Kitchen - w10 Personal Training Gym

Five Fats You Should Have In Your Kitchen


Fat gets a bad rap - unjustifiably so. (We blame the media and processed food manufacturers!) Contrary to popular belief, consuming the right kinds of fats in sufficient quantities might be one of the top considerations when looking to optimise...

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How Much Protein Can I Process in One Sitting? - Protein Foods - W10 Personal Training Gym

Q&A: How Much Protein Can I Process in One Sitting?


How much protein is can we actually use? If you believe most things that you read, the most your body can digest in one sitting is 30g of protein. This is a myth - ask any serious athlete or bodybuilder!...

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