Our Covid-19 Plan

At W10, your wellbeing is our priority. We’ve always prided ourselves on keeping our environments spotlessly clean, and we’ve never believed in packing people together on rows of equipment.

Maintaining a safe, healthy environment

So, we’re already in a good place, but the seriousness of the Coronavirus situation deserves new levels of stringency. Our response is to instigate a strict plan of initiatives to protect and reassure our members when we reopen the gyms.

Existing practices

  1. Personal training is only ever carried out in groups of six.
  2. Every member has a minimum space allocation of 150 sq ft when training.
  3. Each member has sole use of their equipment for each session.
  4. Our Pod System creates natural training separation within the gym.
  5. All equipment is cleaned with sanitiser after each session.
  6. We limit sessions to 50 minutes to allow for 10 minutes of cleaning

New initiatives

  1. We’ve completely redecorated – there isn’t a corner that isn’t sparkling.
  2. We will thoroughly sanitise the entire space every week.
  3. We’ve installed hand-sanitiser pumps at every Training Pod.
  4. Every training station is positioned at least 2 metres apart.
  5. We now have a spacious outdoor training area for larger group classes
  6. Every W10 team member is fully briefed on correct practices.

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