One-on-One Personal Training

From time to time, a little individual attention might be the answer

In our 10-year history, we’ve gained a reputation as the number-one gym for personal training in the area – and coaching will always be at the core of everything we do. While the small-group approach is our main focus, traditional one-to-one coaching is still big on the agenda. Some people’s needs and goals demand that extra focus while others can find dedicated support beneficial now and again.

one to one personal training - W10 Personal Training Gym

When one-to-one works


We focus on Small-group Personal Training because we believe it’s the most effective approach for most people. But don’t think we’re in any way against traditional one-to-ones. After all, it’s how we started.

one 2 one personal fitness training - W10 Personal Training Gym

It could be the right choice for anyone at a certain point in their fitness journey. Some people like the privacy. We’d also recommend that anyone with a serious injury considers dedicated support. Competitive athletes who are focusing on a specific area are prime candidates too.

one 2 one personal fitness training - W10 Personal Training Gym

What our members are saying


    The trainers are really great, and I’ve found the results come really quickly. And I feel fantastic.


    The personal training aspects are completely different at W10 compared to a conventional gym.

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