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Many of our members are men aged 35+. And that’s no coincidence. It’s the point in life when your body starts paying you back for packing in the sports or living in a less than healthy lifestyle. Activities become a little harder while your body gets, well, a little softer. We know the challenges (because some of us have been there), and we also know the solutions.

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Know your body to be your best


Age affects training – there’s no escaping that fact. That’s why we factor it in when tailoring your programme. The types and the amount of exercise you do are crucial to keeping you motivated and achieving the best results without injury.

Achieving better mobility, building muscle, boosting aerobic capacity, warming up properly, improving recovery: these are just some of the areas we focus on to get you back in shape and maybe even end up with a better physique than your 20-year-old self.

There’s more to being
fit than meets the eye


A lean, strong body is an obvious goal for guys. But addressing your fitness can result in other life-improving benefits. For example, regular cardio training can reduce the risk of many chronic and potentially life-threatening illnesses or make you better equipped to deal with everyday stresses.

personal fitness training designed for men - W10 Personal Training Gym

personal fitness training designed for men - W10 Personal Training Gym

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Properly structured exercise programming


This is one of the most ignored aspects of personal fitness training. Based on your individual circumstances, we mix up your training in a structured way, planning in periods of hard work with periods of recovery. It helps you manage your energy levels, meaning you get more from your training and achieve better results.

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    W10 is different because you get to focus on what you want to do.



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