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Don’t Let Negative Habits of Others Influence Your Goals

May 16, 2014   The W10 Team

Negative Habits of Others Influence Your Goals - W10 Personal Training Gym

When starting out on a new health regime and making changes to your life, you may start noticing the unsupportive attitudes of your friends or family. When I started becoming more health conscious I had to take a look at the people I was surrounding myself with.

I made a choice as to who were good for me to be around and who were clearly not.

We all have those friends that love to be “bad” with us, the little devil on our shoulder convincing us to stay for one more drink or to order that cake after dinner. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE those friends! They bring out the naughty child in me that wants to slam tequila shots and go grab some greasy chips on the way home from the bar. However, in order for me to be able to reach my goals I had to spend less time with these people.

You know who your friends are when…

Making positive changes is often a good indicator of who your real friends are. True friends will want the best for you, whether that’s seeing you happier because you’ve lost some weight, or feeling better because you’ve cut down on boozing.

The friends who won’t, are the ones that don’t want to change themselves. No, they want a partner in crime to drag down with them.

Give it a thought. Are they really the people you want in your life? Are they going to hold your hand when you are old and sick from a life of partying and being careless? Probably not.

**Harvard professor Dr. Nicholas A. Christakis and Professor James H. Fowler wrote a book called “The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives.”
In 2007 they did a study on obesity, which revealed that if one of your close friends becomes obese, you’re 57% more likely to do the same. Why? The people we see tend to set our standard for what’s appropriate.

Pass the Bagels

I come from a Jewish family and although they aren’t religious, they have some very traditional traits. One of which, is “feeding.”

Jewish parents/grandparents tend to love to feed, over feed and then feed some more.

So when I arrived for my first Friday night dinner announcing I no longer ate gluten or white sugar, the shock and horror on their faces was palpable. Refusing their offerings of challah bread sandwiches and endless cakes was catastrophic in their minds.

My beliefs about nutrition were constantly being questioned and tested. Three years later they still try and slip me the occasional, “Oh just have one bagel, it won’t kill you.”

My willpower has been tested beyond belief. I’ve lost friends who once knew me as wild and crazy but who now refer to me as “Granny Danni.” Plus my family think I’m mental.

But saying that I feel, look younger and feel healthier than all of those people, and THAT is what keeps me on my path to health.

So try not to let others influence the choices you are making to improve yourself.

A great quote I saw recently was this…

If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?

Stick to your goals and have a happy life!

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