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Crossover Symmetry: What’s With the New Toy’s?

May 06, 2014   The W10 Team

Crossover Symmetry System - W10 Personal Training Gym

Last year I was out in Salt Lake City Utah visiting a few gyms. One of the areas top gyms “Ute Crossfit” has installed a large new pre-hab system known as Crossover Symmetry.

The owners of the gym had noticed a growing problem:

As their member’s athleticism improved risk of injury increased.

As strength, power, confidence and technique improves, heavier weight is lifted in a more dynamic manner, which puts a greater stress on the body. One of the most vulnerable areas of the body is the shoulder joint due to the fact that it is the most flexible joint in the human body. Shoulder injuries are common in sport and training because of this relative instability. Thus it becomes very important that this region is taken care of to reduce the risk of such injury.

The Crossover Symmetry system that you will now see on the walls of W10 Gym has been installed for this very reason. We want you to get stronger, we want you to become more athletic and have confidence in movement but we also want you to be pain free and we want to reduce the risk of injury as much as possible.

The work itself is very simple. The chart takes you through a series of movements that strengthen the rotator cuff and posterior deltoid region. Each band has a different resistance so that all abilities are covered. Simply execute the movements properly (paying close attention to range of motion and tempo) at the start of the workout and then move forward with confidence.

Repeat this sequence 2/3 times per week or whenever you are lifting weight overhead or performing explosive movements that involve the shoulder.

Have a go at these exercises but if you need any more advice on how to train or feel you need any assistance then arrange a CALL BACK with us to have a chat about how personal training might be able to help or email us.


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