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Grip strength

How grip strength can make you stronger


Grip strength is something we measure in our initial assessments at W10 and is something that we are constantly aiming to improve for a number of reasons. It’s very often a neglected piece in the strength training puzzle but here...

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Sports Magazine Feature: Front Squat 101


Featured in Sports Magazine by Jason Fox. Front Squat Squats have been named the ‘king of all exercises’, and for good reason. They will build muscle mass across the entire body and take your overall strength to new levels. You’ll never get...

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Building the foundations of strength


When it comes to strength training one of the most common mistakes people make is they skip the basics. They are all too keen to rush in to the more advanced exercises or advanced programs, without first taking the time...

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Squat to improve your fitness


In the fitness industry the squat is widely regarded as “the king of all exercises”, when done properly.  The reason is that a strong squat requires functional strength that will carry over to just about any athletic endeavour. I fully...

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4 tips to a better squat


Now anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a huge fan of squats and I believe that developing a good squat should be the foundation of any good training program. So here are four top tips to help you improve...

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