• 5 best ab exercises

    The 5 Best Ab Exercises You Can Do


    These five ab movements are more effective than any crunch or sit up. And so it begins… Summer is around the corner and we’re already starting to see articles and ads for 7 day ab transformations. “Do a 100 sit ups or ab crunches a day and you’ll start to see a rippling 6 pack.” […]

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  • 4 Simple Ways to Cut Calories This Summer


    With summer fast approaching, its the time of year when people tend to ramp up their training and tighten up on the diet to be in better shape for that holiday in the sun.It’s only natural that you want to be comfortable to wear your swim gear on the beach or by the pool without […]

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  • The best ab exercises to get a 6 pack


    People are always searching for the best ab workouts whether that’s for aesthetics or health.Having solid abs doesn’t just boost your confidence on the beach in the summer time, it can also help stabilise the spine which is just as, if not more important.Now, let’s not kid ourselves here, we all have 6 pack abs, […]

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  • Killer Ab Workout: Feature In Sports Magazine


    KEEP IT ROLLIN’ The barbell roll-out is one of the most effective ways of working your abs. 1. Start low Kneel on the floor (or a mat) with your hands on a barbell, shoulder-width apart, and your shoulders directly over the barbell. 2. Slow and steady Keeping your knees in a fixed position, roll the […]

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  • Tick All The Boxes With Core Training


    Core Stability is:  “The capacity of the muscles of the torso to assist in the maintenance of good posture, balance, etc., especially during movement.”Core training is, and always will be, a hot topic in the fitness industry and everyone has his or her opinion on it.First of all, let’s actually define what we mean by […]

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  • “If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority”


    Think about this statement for a minute. If you are always trying to do a number of things at once, usually you end up getting nowhere, doing a little of this & that and not really getting much done.People often take this approach with their training. They find themselves caught up with the latest training […]

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  • What’s Your Why?


    Changing your body shape is hard. Whether putting on muscle or losing body fat, both can be extremely challenging. If it were easy we’d all look exactly how we wanted to look, year round, beach ready at the drop of a hat. But the reality is, we’re not.Life just has a habit of getting in […]

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  • The best kept secret to getting a flat stomach


    The million-dollar question in fitness, especially when it comes to females, tends to be this: “How do I lose fat specifically from my stomach?” The very first thing to point out here is that everyone has abdominals. It’s just that 95% of the population can’t see them through their winter of “bulking”. People’s initial plan […]

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  • So you can hold a plank for 3 minutes?


    If you are unfamiliar with what a plank is then you probably performed your first one back in P.E at school as some sort of punishment. It is where you are in a prone (face down) position resting on just your elbows, forearms and your toes. I’m sure you all have that one friend who […]

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  • Why don’t you make us do sit-ups at W10?


    Sit-ups are probably one of the most commonly prescribed, so why don’t we use them often at W10? Are they un-safe? We probably wouldn’t go that far, although leading back health researcher Stuart McGill thinks so. McGill states that sit-up and crunch variations place 3,300 newtons (the equivalent to 340kgs) of force through the spine, […]

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